"Fan Games" ou comment réinventer l’éventail dans sa forme et sa fonction

02 May › 13 May

11:30 › 20:00

Papier Tigre

5 rue des Filles du Calvaire - 75 003 Paris
(M) Saint Sébastien Froissart

Le mercredi 10 mai 2017

Du mardi 2 au samedi 13 mai 2017
Du lundi au vendredi : 11h30 - 19h30
Le samedi : 11h - 20h

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Since being invented, the fan has never completely ceased to serve. Made traditionally, still today, by specialist artisans, it turns out to be an object to be reappropriated.

oriented, a platform of Japanese design and savoir-faire, has proposed to 6 design studios to play with the fan as an object. To conceive collectors’ items or limited series, by being totally free to reinvent the form, materials, and even to rethink the use.

To play with the object, to reinvent its form, to propose new materials, to divert its use, these are the rules of the game.
Collectables and small series will be available throughout the D’Days, as well as blank fans to customise which, at the time of the DIY, will awaken the creative that sleeps in everyone.



Production: oriented
Curator: Sylvie Chevallier
Artistic coordination: Veronica Rodriguez
Designers: AC/AL Studio (Amandine Chhor & Aissa Logerot), François Azambourg, Papier Tigre, Pernelle Poyet, Studio Escabo (Alexandre Poisson & Mateo Garcia), Keisuke Unosawa
Venue: Papier Tigre